Welcome to the new site!

I’ve recently switched over from Wordpress to Jekyll for a variety of reasons. However, the biggest reason is that Jekyll gives me a lot more control over the formatting than Wordpress. So please excuse any broken links or bad formatting, I am fixing issues as I find them.

About Me

By day, I am a computer programmer specialized in data processing and machine learning infrastructure. On the side, I provide technical support for a number of digital humanities projects.

I have experience working with a wider range of technologies: Python (10+ years), SQL databases (3+ years), JavaScript and HTML5 (4 years), R statistics (2 year), and PHP (2 years).

I am a mathematically minded individual who excels at unraveling difficult and complicated technical problems. I have a wide-ranging education, beginning with my foundation in mathematics (Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Major), and continuing with a Masters in Humanities Computing/Digital Humanities. I have eight years working on production Machine Learning systems at Trust Science as well as at least three years (plus many small contracts) of experience working as a research programmer for the University of Alberta.

I am always experimenting with computer models and technologies (I have even built my own experimental programming language). I pride myself on my ability to learn and adapt to new technologies quickly, as well as my ability to explain my findings to diverse audiences. Because of my ability to quickly adapt to any situation, I have experience in everything from product design to bug fixes and user testing.

I am interested in all things AI, machine learning, and decision theory, as well as in applying these technologies to real world practical issues.

About the Blog

I’ve slowly started blogging again, mostly because I have a lot of thoughts, and I find it helpful to write those thoughts down. I’m making it public because I’ve received enough feedback to convince me that some people my ideas are helpful.

I blog mostly about the Philosophy of Computing and its (many) connections to the real world. I like theory a lot, especially mathematical theory, but I prefer to work at the intersection of theory and practice.